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Packing Materials & Service Fees / Shipment (max 40kg box)

Items/Descriptions Upto 3kg - 5kg - 7kg - 10kg - 15kg - 20kg - 25kg - 30kg - 35kg - 40kg 40kg -
Packing Materials ₩1,500 ₩2,000 ₩2,500 ₩3,000 ₩3,500 ₩4,000 ₩4,500 ₩5,000 ₩6,000 ₩7,000 ₩8,000
Packing Fee ₩3,500 ₩5,000 ₩7,500 ₩10,000 ₩12,500 ₩15,000 ₩17,500 ₩20,000 ₩25,000 ₩30,000 ₩35,000
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Can I buy anything through your service?
We do not ship items that are illegal in Korea, and we highly recommend that you confirm the legality of importing certain products to your country. There are also some categories of items that cannot be shipped via an airplane. For example, we do not ship cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, animals, or hazardous items. If you want to receive items that contain batteries, we charge an additional fee. Please check with us first if you are unsure about an item.
Can we Establish a Long-Term Business Contract?
We'd love to. Feel free to contact our logistics specialist to set up a seamless service that is tailored to your needs.
Can I Buy and Ship Products that Exceed 100kgs?
Yes, you can. When the total weight of a package exceeds 100kgs and consists of various items, we can package them in multiple boxes for you. Typically, we use freight forwarding services for products that exceed 100kgs. If you are considering shipping by ocean, we can also help. Please feel free to contact us today for a quote.

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