Are your customers based in Korea?

Instead of paying double the shipping costs, we can store, manage your inventory, and ship items to customers on your behalf.


Our Process

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1. Send your items to Haerae

Irrespective of the volume of items you need to store, we can manage your inventory – whether it takes up one rack or an entire warehouse. Are you having difficulty moving your items? We can help you.

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2. Reach customers worldwide

Do you receive orders from international clients? With our affordable shipping rates and quick timelines, we can send your product via express courier, air, or ocean freight.

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3. Relax

Let us sort out any logistical challenges that arise, so that you can focus on customer service.

Streamline Project Management and Logistics

Our services allow you to outsource everything from warehousing to delivery, so that you can focus on the higher value aspects of your business.

What We Offer


1. Storage and inventory management

We provide the most suitable space to meet your needs (which can be scaled), and manage your inventory.

2. Packaging and shipping

We pack your items using high-quality boxes and packaging materials, and ship it to the address you provide.

3. Record keeping

We provide you with inventory and logistics information through RESTful APIs.

Warehouse Management System

Through our logistics services, you can access our warehouse management system anytime to check up on your inventory and shipping details.

Why Choose Us?


One rack to whole storage

From one rack to an entire storage warehouse, we’ve got you covered.

Professional customer service

Our logistics experts are ready to support your requests any time of day.

Packing services tailored to your needs

We offer various packing materials and options to meet your product needs.

Save on the cost of shipping

Ship from Korea and take advantage of our highly affordable and professional services.

Save time

Don’t waste your valuable time on shipping, let us take care of that for you.

Customer satisfaction

Your customers will value our reduced shipping costs and expedited services.

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Ready to discuss your needs?

We are available 24/7 to handle all of your special requirements.

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