Do You Purchase Textiles From Korea?

If you need a reliable inspector, packer, or exporter, we're here for you.

We inspect and improve upon the quality of Korean-made textiles. Whether you want to divide your textiles or double and roll them, we can help.


Our Services


1. Inspection Services

Are you unsatisfied with the fabrics you’re receiving from Korean manufacturers? Send them to Haerae Spot. We will thoroughly inspect your fabrics to ensure you get only the finest quality products.

2. Double and Rolling

Do you need to double and roll your fabrics? Haerae Spot is pleased to offer D&R services, and uses the highest-quality and most innovative equipment on the market.

3. Export Packing Services

Our exporting and packing services use high-quality materials to prevent damage throughout the shipping process.

4. Inspection video report

In addition to providing you with receipts and documentation, we offer video reports so that you can actually see the quality of the fabrics you’re shipping.


* Can be negotiated based on the types of items and total volume.

Textile Inspection

Items Price(USD)/YD
4-point inspection process $0.15 - $0.20
Removing holes and large defects $0.10 - $0.20
Using textile paint to make improvements $0.15 - $0.30
Video report $0.10 USD
Online inspection report Free

Double and Rolling

Items Price(USD)/YD
15 yard bolt - 44" $0.15
15 yard bolt - 58" $0.20
10 yard bolt - 44" $0.20
10 yard bolt - 58" $0.25
Bolt labeling service Free

Export Packing and Shipping Services

Please contact us for more information. Once we understand your needs, we can offer you a variety of custom options.

Third-Party Logistics Services

Outsource your operational logistics to us – from warehousing to delivery – so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

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Work Together, Build Together.

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Organized Warehousing

We provide scalable spaces according to your needs.

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RESTful API System

You can access your inventory and logistics infomation via HTTP requests.

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Textile Inveotory Management

HaeraeSpot is especially specialized to manage the textiles.

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